• Borneo, Malaysia

    Borneo - Sarawak, Malaysia 2018

    Trip to state Sarawak where is located in northwest Borneo Island, in pictures with descriptions
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    last updated 12 august 2018


    Female of Orangutan Pongo pygmaeus in Rainforest in Sarawak

    Cute Bornean Orangutan "Pongo pygmaeus" In The Wild Rainforest in Sarawak

    In forest in Siburan, Sarawak, Malaysia we meet this little beautiful guy, a North Philippine temple pitviper or Bornean Keeled Green Pit Viper (Tropidolaemus subannulatus)

    Betta brownorum and the Blackwater habitat in the lower Sibu River near Taman Suria Jaya, Kuching

    In the same forest in Matang, we met this ant, a species that specializes on pitcher plant feeding

    And this beautiful Malay lacewing butterfly (Cethosia hypsea)

    In the forest near Kampung Ranchan, where was many insects and millepedes like this Tractor Millipede

    And this very beautiful green land snail (Rhinocochlis nasuta)

    this little white land snail (Leptopoma sericatum)

    In Recreation Park Ranchan near little waterfall, where was lot of frogs like this well camouflage Black-spotted Rock Skipper frog (Staurois guttatus)

    Here some wide angle picture of White-lipped Frog or copper-cheeked frog (Chalcorana raniceps) with small stream in background in the jungle

    Very big and beautiful Rajah Brooke birdwing butterfly (Trogonoptera brookiana)

    Very big Pill Millipede in Sphaerotheriidae family

    Heavy Rain ind forest, Kampung Seroban, Sarawak, Malaysia


    Bako National park
    Bako is home to rare Proboscis monkeys "Nasalis larvatus" in the mangroves

    Here a male of Proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus) in a Sea almond tree (Terminalia catappa) with sunset in background, on the beach of Bako National Park
    Local people also called Proboscis monkey for Dutch monkey or Dutchman :)

    Here he thinks, why do I look like a Dutchman?

    Female of Proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus) in a Sea almond tree (Terminalia catappa) with sunset in background, on the beach of Bako National Park

    Crab-eating macaque or long-tailed macaque (Macaca fascicularis) eating horseshoe crabs ind the middle of the mangrove forest

    Crab-eating macaque or long-tailed macaque (Macaca fascicularis) digging after crabs on the beach in sunset of Bako National Park

    Blackwater habitat in pool near little waterfall in the rainforest of Bako National Park, Malaysia, Sarawak, Borneo with Betta ibanorum and and Malayan softshell turtle (Dogania subplana)

    Swimming water monitor (Varanus salvator) in mangrove forest, Bako National Park

    Bornean bearded pig (Sus barbatus) your neighbours at Bako National Park

    Two young Bornean bearded pig (Sus barbatus) on the field near Bako Headquarters

    On our first night walk in Bako, we meet this very big scorpion, a Asian forest scorpion (Heterometrus longimanus)

    Asian forest scorpion (Heterometrus longimanus) glows under UV light

    On the same night walk we also so this creepy Gray's Haaniella Stick Insect (Haaniella grayii)

    on our last day in Bako we was lucky to see Silvered Langur monkey (Trachypithecus cristatus)

    Tide the day we arrived to the left and the right the last day in Bako

    Niah National Park and the big Limestone Caves
    The Great Cave lies in a large limestone block, about a kilometre long and about half a kilometre wide

    The Boat trip over river "Sungai Niah" to get Niah Natinal Park and the caves "buaya habitats"

     The Great Cave of Niah With mysteries sounds of bats and birds

    in Niah National Park where was a lot of Red Millipede Trachelomegalus modestior

    in the middel of The Great Cave  we found this Buthid scorpion "Lychas hosei" with help from a uv flashlight

    Painted Cave in Niah National Park, 20-25 minutes walk from the Great Cave  
    Paintings dated as 1,200 years old
    These paintings are painted with red Hematite, mineral from iron



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